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Architectural lighting design

Akomo architectural lighting design that improves the acoustic comfort


Does your hall, office, restaurant or meeting room have poor room acoustics that result in reduced speech intelligibility, increased noise and loss of concentration?
The Akomo collection of acoustic lighting or acoustic objecs can help!


All Akomo products improve the acoustics in open-plan offices, auditoriums, restaurants, hotels and theatres. They are also very stylish in a home environment.


We have an entire collection of architectural lighting design, a few of our designs :


  • Morse : MORSE is a concept of acoustic optimization and lighting combined in a pendant or ceiling installation.
  • Tatlin : The Tatlin concept provides acoustic optimization in the form of an abstract bas-relief made to measure.
  • Bonitos : A Bonitos adds atmosphere, playfulness and acoustic performance to any interior.


To see our full collection, click here.


Akomo continues to develop new ideas and to expand the Akomo collection, emphasising engineering, purpose and design.


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Architectural lighting design

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