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Is the acoustic ‘feeling’ right?

Naturally we expect a good balanced sound effect when we go to a concert hall, opera house or Church. These buildings have been specifically designed to maximise the acoustic effect and to give a pleasing experience when listening to music, singing or recitals.


On a more mundane level, the same cannot always be said of areas where people live, work and come together.


Unfortunately when designing these types of spaces a lot less thought is given to the acoustics. The result being a less satisfying acoustic experience and possible impact on the well-being, health and personal performance of people.


Akomo products are geared towards helping this anomaly.


Why do Akomo products work?

To understand why Akomo products work, we need to look at what causes poor acoustic performance in the first place.


Basically, sound waves are either reflected or absorbed by material that they come into contact with. The harder a material, the less absorption and consequently more reflection. Softer (open-cell) materials absorb more of the soundwaves and reflect less.


When we are in a busy restaurant and we can’t clearly hear what somebody sitting opposite us is saying, then we are experiencing poor acoustic performance.


This poor performance is caused by the soundwaves (in this case people speaking) being reflected from all the hard surfaces in the restaurant (stone walls, tiled floor, concrete ceiling, glass windows).


As a result you need to speak louder to be understood. This leads to a knock-on effect where everybody in turn has to speak louder and the noise level increases!


The answer to the problem is to add soft materials to the space. Absorbing more of the soundwaves these materials effectively reduce the noise level.


Akomo products are made from Basotect® melamine foam.

Basotect® is a specialty foam with a fine, open cell structure, allowing a high level of sound absorption. In the speech frequencies (250 – 4000 Hz) it absorbs 90% of the soundwaves.

By covering a square meter of ceiling or wall with Basotect® you are effectively absorbing 90% of the soundwaves that are hitting this area. Compared with a concrete wall or ceiling, that absorbs approx. 2%, this is a considerable improvement.


Akomo products improve acoustic performance, are aesthetically pleasing to look at and have the advantage of incorporating the latest technology in LED lighting.


When using Akomo products, you will not only be using functional, design decoration but will also be improving the room acoustics.


Do you want to know more about Akomo?

Feel free to contact us.

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