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Kepler A

Acoustic ceiling mounted model
Dimensions (w x h x d)
See drawing
Basotect absorption foam

De Kepler is available in the following variants:

Kepler 2- acoustic discs of 700 en 800 mm Ø

Kepler 3- acoustic discs of 700, 800 en 900 mm Ø

Kepler 4- acoustic discs of 700 (2x), 800 en 900 mm Ø

De Kepler is also available with light units

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KEPLER is a range of ceiling fixtures that are composed of large Basotect disc-shaped elements. The overlapping layout, the rounded design and the extensive possibilities in terms of colour give this concept a relaxed personality, which makes it ideal for use in areas with an informal and playful character. The same approach is used in the integration of the downlight light fixtures: not the traditional recessed spot but a random constellation of seven individual high-output LEDs that together provide a considerable luminous flux.

The fixtures, which are offered in a version with two, three or four discs are relatively flat, making installation on lower ceilings possible.

The design includes various references to the mechanics of celestial bodies, the field in which the German astrophysicist Johannes Kepler pioneered.
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