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Return policy

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Right of Revocation
1. The following provisions regarding the Right of Revocation shall only apply if the Buyer acts in the capacity of "Consumer" and if it concerns an Agreement concluded at a Distance.
2. In the cases under article 1., the Consumer has the right, during a 14-Day reflection period, to withdraw from the Agreement without giving a reason. The Consumer may inspect the product as he would do so in a shop. He may therefore unpack it and handle it to the extent necessary to find out whether the product is of interest to the Buyer and works properly.
3. To make use of the Right of Revocation, the Consumer must notify the Seller of his decision to withdraw within the revocation period by using the Model Form or in any other unambiguous way. The Consumer must include at least the following information:
-             The indication of the following three dates, namely the date of order, the date of receipt and the date on which the Right of Revocation is applied;
-             Name and address of the Consumer;
-             Signature of the Consumer.
4. The 14-Day reflection period starts when the Consumer or a third party designated by him, who is not the carrier, has taken physical possession of the ordered product.
5. The Consumer is liable for depreciation resulting from actions other than the mere inspection of the products.
6. Within 14 Days from the Day following the moment referred to in article 3., the Consumer shall return to the Seller the products he does not wish to keep.
7. The Consumer returns the products in original condition and in original packaging, together with all accessories. For the return, the Consumer will take into account the instructions made for this purpose by the Seller. The costs of returning the products are borne by the Consumer.
8. As soon as the Seller receives notification from the Consumer that the Consumer wishes to invoke his Right of Revocation, the Seller will send an acknowledgement of receipt to the Consumer.
9. The Seller will refund all sums paid by the Consumer for the product no later than 14 Days after it has received notification from the Consumer that the Consumer wished to invoke his Right of Revocation. However, the Seller reserves the right to suspend reimbursement until it has received all the products back, or until the Consumer has proved that he has returned the products, whichever comes first.
10. For the refund, the Seller will use the same means of payment as the Consumer has used, unless both parties have agreed on a different means of payment.


Download the model form for revocation here

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