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RIETVELD is a large-scale acoustic luminaire for wall installation. It is designed as a configuration of four overlapping rectangular elements, including three sound-absorbing elements made of flocked Basotect, and one lighting element that casts a pleasant diffuse flood light over the wall. The design comes across as a modernist wall sculpture, which is accentuated by the possibility of choosing different colours for the acoustic panels. The luminaire can be oriented upwards or downwards with the light element as required. Rooms with longer walls can also be optimised acoustically by positioning several luminaires next to each other, whether or not visually and/or electrically linked with the optional connection panel.

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Technichal information


TypeAcoustic wall model with LED light
Dimensions2605 x 965 mm, thickness 120 mm
MaterialBasotect sound absorption foam
LighsourceTalexx module stark, LLE280, 400mA,
 6200 Lumen, 36 Watt, 3000 of 4000 Kelvin
 Dali or switch dimmable


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