Acoustic lighting and objects for all your spaces
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Shipping costs

Our products are packed in boxes and, depending on the order size, we may deliver the boxes on pallets.

Box packaging is not rain/water resistant and therefore cannot be stored outside or placed on a wet surface.
After delivery, the boxes should be stored dry.

If you are not present at the agreed time and our carrier cannot deliver your order, the products will be returned to our central warehouse. We will then contact you to make a new delivery appointment. We will charge transport costs for redelivery.
Shipping methods
Akomo works with various parties for shipping orders, these are: [POST NL, DHL, DPD and Lensen BV].
Transport costs
We use a fixed minimum invoice ammount for free delivery.
For deliveries below this ammount you pay a fixed transport tarif, depending on your location.

Minimum ammount for free delivery

Belgium 750 €
Netherlands 750 €
France 1250 €
Germany 1250 €
United Kingdom 1500 €

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