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Improve Room Acoustics

Improve the acoustics in your room  with Akomo


All Akomo products improve the acoustics in all sorts of rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, hotels and theatres. We have an entire collection of acoustic solutions. The beautifully designed Akomo light objects are made from top class acoustic foam with extremely, high levels of sound absorption. This means that sound will be absorbed, rather than reflected.


A few of our acoustic solutions :


  • Bonitos : A Bonitos adds atmosphere, playfulness and acoustic performance to any interior.
  • Escher : ESCHER is a modular acoustic system for wall and ceiling installation with a visually distinct personality. Each installation is built up of compact hexagonal units that can be combined to configure a pattern of random size and shape.
  • Coletta : Coletta incorporates an ultra-minimalist approach to acoustic optimization.


For more acoustic improvement solutions, go to our collection.

Improve room acoustics

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