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Architectural acoustics

Architectural acoustics and lighting solutions


Is the acoustic ‘feeling’ right?

We expect a good balanced sound effect when we go to a concert hall, opera house or Church. These buildings have been specifically designed to maximise the acoustic effect and to give a pleasing experience when listening to music, singing or recitals.

On a more mundane level, the same cannot always be said of areas where people live, work and come together. When designing these types of spaces a lot less thought is given to the acoustics. The result being a less satisfying acoustic experience and possible impact on the well-being, health and personal performance of people.

Akomo products are geared towards helping this anomaly. Our products also offer an acoustic solution in halls, offices, restaurants, meetingrooms, hotels, school halls, atriums, ...


A selection of our architectural acoustics


  • Cherry A: the design of the Cherry series refers to the most basic of all geometric shapes, the spherical shape.
  • Escher A:  a modular acoustic system for wall and ceiling installation with a visually distinct personality.
  • Rietveld A: the design is a configuration of three overlapping flocked Basotect sound-absorbing elements.  


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Architectural acoustics
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