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Acoustic absorbers


Amazing light and acoustic performance in one. This is the inspirational concept of Akomo. The beautifully designed Akomo light objects are made from top class acoustic foam with extremely, high levels of sound absorption. This means that sound will be absorbed, rather than reflected.

Discover the extraordinary synergy of aesthetics and functionality with Akomo, where brilliance meets innovation. At the heart of Akomo's design philosophy lies the seamless integration of stunning illumination and unparalleled acoustical enhancement. Embark on a journey where every corner resonates with elegance and tranquility, courtesy of Akomo's remarkable fusion of form and function.

Within the captivating allure of Akomo lies a testament to excellence. Crafted meticulously from premium-grade acoustic foam, our signature Akomo light objects boast unrivaled levels of sound absorption. Through the strategic placement of acoustic absorbers within each meticulously designed piece, Akomo ensures that sound is not merely heard but embraced and transformed. Bid farewell to intrusive echoes and disruptive reverberations as Akomo's acoustic absorbers diligently work to create an environment of serenity and clarity.

Step into spaces adorned with Akomo, where every beam of light is accompanied by a symphony of silence. With each glance, marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship that seamlessly integrates form and function. Let Akomo redefine your perception of lighting solutions, offering not only illumination but also an oasis of tranquility, where the harmonious interplay of light and sound converges to create an experience beyond compare. Experience Akomo – where brilliance meets tranquility, and innovation knows no bounds.

Acoustic absorbers


  • Acoustic wall panels
  • Acoustic objects
  • Acoustic lighting


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